Jiangsu Phoenix Publishing & Media Group, President Haiyan Chen, Inspected in the OneSoft

December 12th, 2014

        On 7/12/2014, President Haiyan Chen of Jiangsu Phoenix Publishing & Media Group inspected OneSoft and gave high marks on the achievements of Xiamen Pheonix OneSoft. Vice President Jiangtao She Phoenix Publishing & Media Group and Vice President Bugui Zhu of Phoenix Vocational Education accompanied and attended the report-back meeting.

President Haiyan Chen and His Party Inspected OneSoft

Dr. Qingping Lin Made Introductions for President Haiyan Chen

President Haiyan Chen in Personnel Working Area

Group Photo

Dr. Qinping Lin, General Manager of Pheonix OneSoft Co., LTD, reported to President Haiyan Chen and his party about main company business, core technology, products and development prospects. Meanwhile, Dr. Qinping Lin introduced the accomplishments achieved in few years, displayed the latest technical achievements and described marketing opportunities, company’s future development direction and strategy. Dr. Qinping Lin said:”At present, there are many learning platforms in the market, such as MOOCS, and these platforms are short of teaching resources which can help teachers to teach and students to learn. However, OneSoft has unique advantage in this respect. OneSoft has physical 3D interactive teaching resources characterized with small data volume, fast operating speed and strong interactivity. These teaching resources have their own editing tool with intellectual property right, which can be widely applied to vocational education, higher education, basic education and many other industries. During stabilizing the domestic market, OneSoft develops the overseas market. Last year we established a branch company in Singapore, taking this as global business center to develop overseas market. The final goal is to build OneSoft as the largest supplier of 3D interactive visual teaching resources in the world to offer the largest online teaching platform for educational industry. 

General Manager Qinping Lin Made Work Report

        During the report, President Haiyan Chen asked questions and nodded, affirmed OneSoft technology and achievements and proposed higher requirements. He hopes and believes OneSoft has strength and capability to make more and higher accomplishments in virtual reliability field.

President Haiyan Chen Made Work Instruction

Active Discussion in Meeting

        Phoenix Publishing & Media Group is rooted in Nanjing, the capital of ten dynasties in Chinese history, with rich cultural heritage, standing beside the Xuanwu Lake. It is the first publishing enterprise with billions of total assets, net assets and sales revenue. Also, it is the largest and strongest publishing group in China. Phoenix Publishing & Media Group was announced as a publishing enterprise with overall economic scale and comprehensive strength evaluation ranking the first in China by GAPP (General Administration of Press and Publication). The industries of Phoenix Group mainly include publishing, issue, printing, film and television, cultural hotel, cultural estate, financial investment and artistic works management, etc. Phoenix Group has two listed companies---Phoenix Publishing & Media and Phoenix Co., LTD. Phoenix Publishing & Media is the largest market capitalization company in culture and media module. And it is the only one culture media company which is listed in SSE180 index and CSI 300 index sample stock. Phoenix Group is the coordinate first largest shareholder of Jiangsu Bank and the second largest shareholder of Nanjing Securities. It currently employs almost 13000 people and has 34 subsidiaries. The core goal of Phoenix Group is to build innovative cultural leader, become an important strategic investor of national culture industry and strive for exceeding 20 billion sales revenue at the end of Twelfth Five-year, 50 billon total enterprise value and strive to become a strong world media enterprise.

        Phoenix OneSoft Co., LTD is attached to Phoenix Publishing & Media Group, which devotes itself to research, development, application and promotion of internet 3D interactive software platform. OneSoft has accumulated nearly 20 years of scientific experience in the most advanced virtual reality (VR) technology both at home and abroad and possessed OneSoft online virtual reality system engine with complete intellectual property right in hand based on technical backgrounds of universities and relative research institutes in UK and Singapore. The virtual reality technology was released and represented on world’s top virtual reality conference ACM Web3D 2007 where was also highly praised leading level in the world by the Professor Osvaldo Gervasi of conference president and Chairman Alan Hudson of International Web 3D Institute. OneSoft products, technologies and market prospect gain higher recognition and reputation from customers. Meanwhile, OneSoft is the national exclusive cooperator of development, fabrication and distribution for 3D interactive teaching courseware selected by Central Institute for Vocational and Technical Education, which supplies comprehensive service for education reform of vocational colleges. OneSoft has sponsored and named “Phoenix OneSoft Cup” Informative Teaching Contest of National Vocational Colleges in 2013 and 2014. “OneSoft Virtual Reality 3D Interactive Teaching Platform” has been selected as the only platform for “Informative Teaching Contest” in 2014 and contributed its own efforts to Chinese vocational education.

         The pioneering and intuitive 3D interactive teaching software developed by Phoenix OneSoft changes the traditional static and abstract teaching mode. Especially, the “OneSoft Virtual Reality 3D Interactive Teaching Platform” offers supporting platform for excellent major development and teaching content innovation and bring qualitative leap for teaching quality.

        Currently, Phoenix OneSoft possesses three core platforms which are virtual reality 3D interactive teaching platform, digital campus platform and online experience platform (learning, teaching and enterprise). 30 major categories include 250 core excellent courses (completed) and 2 million 3D interactive models and animations. The majors referred include CNC Technology Application, Automobile Application and Maintenance, Computer Technology, Electronic Technology Application, Electromechanical Technology Application, Finance and Accounting, Building Engineering Construction, Molding, Electrical Technology Application, Chinese Cuisine, Tourism Management, Commerce and Trade, Cement, Dentistry, Medicine, Animal Husbandry, Agriculture and Forestry, etc, which win high affirmation from leaders of the state council and ministry of education.

Multi-channel Solid Immersive Virtual Reality System