Virtual Reality 3D Interactive Teaching Platform

OneSoft Virtual Reality 3D Interactive Teaching Platform is developed by Phoenix OneSoft based on its leading proprietary virtual reality technology. It’s a platform dedicated to helping teachers to prepare 3D interactive contents for teaching, learning/practicing and assessing easily and quickly. It allows users to create 3D networked virtual experiment environment based on “OneSoft Web3D Virtual Reality Platform” and construct various 3D interactive experimental equipments and components. In addition, it provides realistic 3D interactive virtual experiment, and 3D animation demonstration together with automatically synchronized display of annotation texts. In the platform, the 3D virtual equipment or component model can be rotated freely and viewed from any direction. With the technology for dynamic downloading and constructing 3D virtual environment, the platform ensures natural user interaction with 3D virtual environment with instant response. All virtual learning contents in the platform can be visualized via intuitive and realistic user interaction with 3D virtual learning objects.

  • World Leading Proprietary Virtual Reality
  • Representing Twenty Years’ Advanced
       Virtual Reality Research Achievement
  • A Learning Centric Interactive Teaching
  • The platform takes full advantages of combining 3D technology with images and texts to visualize the full equipments. It further allows user to perform disassembly and assembly of specific components. It also simulates circuits of controlling systems, which helps students to understand and master the structures and principles of lessons and experiments comprehensively. Moreover, users can not only perform virtual simulation for the equipments to understand their working principles, but also can enter into “Virtual Fault Simulation System” to perform mechanical and circuit troubleshooting simulations of different components under various conditions. As a result, the users can accumulate practical experience of fault diagnoses and troubleshooting through virtual experiment in this platform.

    3D Interactive Learning Content

    Currently, OneSoft offers 3D interactive digital teaching resources in 30 majors with more than 250 courses which comprise 1.5 million interactive 3D models, animations and simulations. Sample courses are listed below.

    OneSoft 3D Authoring Toolkit

    Onesoft 3D Authoring Toolkit Interface
    Onesoft 3D Authoring Toolkit is a 3D modeling and animation creation software which is seamlessly embedded in the platform. It enables teachers to prepare 3D virtual interactive teaching, experiment and exam contents simply and quickly. The teachers can edit all 3D models and related animations or create new 3D models and animations for instruments and equipment online and in real-time. They can modify 3D interactive contents according to the teaching and experimental needs.

    OneSoft Digital Campus Solution

    OneSoft Digital Campus Solution is a cloud service targeted to meet the administration requirements as well as future trends of campuses. It will improve the efficiency of each school’s management, increase decision-making efficiency and optimize the utilization of learning information for a one-stop information service platform thus enabling holistic services for campus life. It includes student management, course management, campus asset management, dormitory management, online exams, teacher management, library management and other core functions

    Interactive VR-Empowered E-Learning Consultancy and One-stop Solution

    Onesoft provides the best professional consultancy services and one-stop solutions to maximize effective teaching and learning experience of our customers. The services range from customization of any detail of Interactive VR contents based on customer’s specific needs to turn-key project of large-scale full-fledged immersive Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality system.

    Onesoft Multi-channel screen (stereoscopic) projection system