Forklift Industry

January 7th, 2015

Common Problems for Forklift Enterprise in Product Application

During forklift display, product appearance is too single to attract customer’s attention. 

During display, forklift belongs to mechanical product and is inconvenient for long-distance transportation.

Demonstrating with pictures only show partial appearance of forklift, but customers cannot get deeper understanding on it.  

Limitation of Forklift Sales: Forklift entity is large and inconvenient for broad range publicity, which always leads to miss the opportunity to land orders.

Forklift operation display needs to be supported by professionals, which increases company’s labor costs.

Forklift driver only possesses driving license can drive forklift. For fresh trainers, just relies on theory in the earlier stage, which leads to long training period.

During product sales process, foreign clients always need to prepare field trip to observe forklift operation. It is complex, time-consuming and effort-wasting, which may dispel the idea of buying. 

Forklift driver training costs much time, equipment consumes too much and multi-person training cannot be performed at same time.

During the period of forklift driver training, new operators are easy to make mistakes to cause machine wear, which may lead a large amount of maintenance cost.

What We Can Bring To You?
OneSoft leading virtual reality technology can realize following functions:

Build forklift model and simulate visual effects of product in different angles through computer.

Make disassembly presentations for each component of forklift and add corresponding speech and text to introduce product performance and status.

Dynamic forklift assembly process helps customers to understand forklift construction and installation. Meanwhile, add speech hint and text on each picture as required to demonstrate for customers.

Demonstrate forklift operation dynamically and customers can observe every part at will.

Customers can understand forklift operation the first time through operation simulation.

Put our product display system on your company website, clients from all over the world will get familiar with your products in realistic simulation environment and be interested in your products, which help close sales.

Burn our product into disc and transmit to your potential clients directly.

Virtual Reality Technology Applications in Forklift Industry 
Virtual reality technology is comprehensive integration and application of knowledge for many advanced subject fields. Based on digital modeling technique, computer emulation technique and analysis optimization technique, it simulates forklift manufacturing process and influence on forklift design and predicts forklift performance, cost and manufacturability to optimize forklift development period, cost and production efficiency.

OneSoft 3D forklift failure detection system takes customer experience center as virtual simulation experience environment and makes use of web 3D technology to simulate forklift operation status and detection programs. The system is equipped with high definition and accompanied with soft voice, which represent good cooperate image of user company.    
intuitive and realistic interaction effects and it demonstrates forklift interior and exterior structures and functions comprehensively to arise strong interest of target groups. Users can perform forklift virtual simulation themselves to understand each part of forklift and check failure simulation to reduce failure rate and after-sale service cost. In the failure detection system, users can also look up corresponding forklift 3D instruction anytime and anywhere. Meanwhile, enterprises can make training for personnel through OneSoft virtual forklift detection system.            

Virtual Simulation Forklift Detection System

Take forklift customer experience center ad virtual simulation experience environment.

Text font and text explanation should be subject to the font forklift company supplied.

Video titles should demonstrate good image of forklift company fully. 

Video should be characterized with high definition and accompanied with soft voice.

Dubbing will be arranged by OneSoft.

Demonstrate Basic Platform for Forklift Operation 

Support burning into disc for independent use and support automatic display or multi-wire connection display with terminal display equipment (TV & Projector). Support automatic display and manual operation display.  

Specific Steps for Forklift Operation and Pre-use Inspection as Follows:

Forklift Pre-use Inspection

Forklift Overall Appearance Simulation

Forklift Main Components Display

Forklift Important Component Close-up Shots and Text Explanations

Nine Steps for Forklift Daily Inspection

Check Fuel Level

Check Hydraulic System Oil Level

Check Engine Oil Level

Check Cooling Liquid Pressure and Level in Water Tank

Check Indicator Lamps Working Condition 

Safety Inspection for Rotating Function

Brake Safety Inspection

Check Tire Condition

Check Horn and Lighting System Working Condition