Elevator Industry

January 7th, 2015

Common Problems for Elevator Enterprise in Product Application

Being similar with other elevator enterprises, it cannot present a fresh appearance to customers when comparing several products.

During elevator display, the elevator entity is large-sized and inconvenient for carrying.

Demonstrating with static pictures only shows partial appearance, but customers cannot get deeper understanding on products.

Elevator operation display needs to be supported by professionals, which increases company’s labor costs.

During product sales process, foreign clients always need to prepare field trip to observe elevator operation. It is complex, time-consuming and effort-wasting, which may dispel the idea of buying.

What We Can Bring To You?

OneSoft leading virtual reality technology can realize following functions for elevator 3D installation display system:

Build elevator model and simulate visual effects of product in different angles through computer.

Dynamic elevator assembly process helps customers to understand elevator construction and installation. Meanwhile, add speech hint and text on each picture as required to demonstrate for customers.

Demonstrate forklift operation dynamically and customers can observe every part at will.

Customers can understand forklift operation the first time through operation simulation.

Put our product display system on your company website, clients from all over the world will get familiar with your products in realistic simulation environment and be interested in your products, which help close sales.

Burn our elevator display system into disc and transmit to your potential clients directly.

Elevator display system is convenient for enterprise training, reduces large amount of entity equipment cost and is easy to carry and operate.

Virtual Reality Technology Applications in Elevator Industry

Virtual reality technology is comprehensive integration and application of knowledge for many advanced subject fields. Based on digital modeling technique, computer emulation technique and analysis optimization technique, it simulates elevator manufacturing process and influence on elevator design and predicts elevator performance, cost and manufacturability to optimize elevator development period, cost and production efficiency.

OneSoft elevator installation display system is characterized with intuitive and realistic interaction effects. Users can perform elevator virtual simulation themselves to understand each part of elevator and check failure simulation to reduce failure rate and after-sale service cost. In the 3D virtual display system, users can also look up corresponding elevator 3D instruction anytime and anywhere. Meanwhile, enterprises can make training for personnel through 3D virtual elevator display system.

Implementation Content of 3D Elevator Installation Display System

Implementation Framework of 3D Elevator Installation Display System

The 3D elevator installation display system built on the enterprise website adopts second-level domain linkage. The core contents are 3D online product display, 3D instruction of product installation and disassembly and product training. Users include enterprise, client and personnel.   

Virtual Reality Display Platform (Network) of 3D Elevator Installation Display System

3D elevator installation display system can be demonstrated locally. Meanwhile, it can be demonstrated with online effect through virtual reality display platform, which can help users to watch elevator enterprise’s products without leaving their homes. During fabrication, OneSoft will supply customized platform according to users’ applications and ways and objects to ensure product simulation functions’ realization.


Main Functions of Virtual Reality Display Platform:

Promote sales

Supply sales tool and improve sales motivation

Reduce cost

Promote new products

3D Elevator Installation Display System Operations

Customers are easy to learn certain usage of product, such as operation and maintenance, etc.

Display on website and through to different places.

Enterprise input on this side reduces to 0.

Customers are easy to impress on your product and enterprise deeply.

Improve customer satisfaction.

Increase customer-oriented brand connotation. 

Build enterprise innovation image

Acquire currency over Internet.

3D Elevator Installation Display System Training Application

Internal Personnel Training

Agent Training

Customer Operation and Self-maintenance Training