Real Estate Industry

January 13th, 2015

Common Problems for Elevator Enterprise in Product Application

1.Ordinary estate show has no novelty. When home buyers making comparison, several scaled models cannot present a fresh appearance to customers.

2.For the building introduction, sand table models are scaled down according to real estates. Buyers just can look down at the estate project, but cannot feel architectural space and cannot obtain the feeling of walking in it. 

3.Demonstrating with static pictures only shows whole appearance or partial interior appearance, but customers cannot get deeper understanding on interior parts and surroundings.

4.If home buyers want to know specific conditions about residential property, estate agency needs to arrange professionals to show the way and make explanations, which spends buyer time and increases company manpower costs. 

5.Limitation of sand table property causes inconvenience for broad range publicity and always leads to miss the opportunity to land orders.

6.Model room costs plenty of materials and estate agencies cannot build one by one as buyers required. 

7.Home buyers cannot see the future layout and surroundings of the residential property. 

Home buyers cannot get familiar with greening condition, estate management of the residential property and property sales condition.

What We Can Bring To You?

1.Promote real estate sales and be best for salesman

    1)Understand Estate Property Information: Simulate real landscape facilities of residential estate to make 3D virtual scenes, including the whole layout, hardware facilities, structures and sales condition, etc. Home buyers can get deep understanding after watching virtual scenes.

    2)Improve House-showing Efficiency: Home buyers get familiar with all information in sales hall and then go for field trip after selecting desirable houses. Other than observe real properties one by one for selection.

    3)Increase Customer Acceptance: Estate information is displayed through 3D animation. Home buyers understand estate information initiatively when has higher acceptance. Traditionally, sales make introduction of estate properties. Different sales level and human’s sense of strangeness and exclusion have influence on home buyers’ acceptance. Online virtual reality technology can make up this defect effectively. 

2.Enlarge Estate Publicity to All Over The Country

    1)Traditional propaganda is lack of innovation: At present, the marketing promotion of residential property from construction to opening sale, almost all estate companies adopt advertising campaign. Putting advertises on newspapers, magazines, televisions, outdoor billboards and some activities are traditional ways. However, they ignore the most powerful network propaganda or propaganda is not enough.

    2)National Market vs Local Market: Traditional propaganda is characterized with regional limitations, while adopting online virtual reality technology, home buyers can understand all information about residential property thousand miles away without leaving their homes over the Internet. What does this mean to estate enterprises?

3.Improver Enterprise Service Quality

    1)See the apartment without rushing around: Novel display method helps customers to understand all information about estates without leaving their homes.

    2)Virtual decoration warms home: Your favorite is the best. Customers perform pre-decoration as you like though virtual decoration system, then give the scheme to decoration company for design. This kind of service is close to customer psychology. 

    3)3D property management makes home safer: Vivid 3D property management helps property management personnel to understand the location if any accident happens and make emergency plan the first time, which ensures home safety.

4.Beautify Enterprise Brand Image

    1)Enterprise branded with high-tech mark: High-technology is always one theme of social progress. Adopt online virtual reality technology to build property high-tech image and improve enterprise brand image.

    2)Enlarge market propaganda and enhance public awareness: Enterprise development cannot be limited in certain area and build national brand is the tendency. 

    3)Considerate service creates good brand: Three advantages---select first and then see the apartment; virtual decoration warms home and 3D property management makes home safer. Considerate service creates good reputation and brand. 

Virtual Reality Technology Applications in Real Estate Industry

In the OneSoft virtual estate display system, users can experience and evaluate characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of estate projects to make the best decision, which not only avoid decision-making mistake, but also increase the estate potential market value to improve land utilization rate and project development success rate.

OneSoft virtual estate display system builds realistic 3D dynamic model and displays building interior and exterior structures and functions. In the process of declaration, approval, propaganda, communication and sales, target groups will have strong interest and project planner will be appealed to others. Virtual estate display system offers an interactive platform which can help browsers to experience immersive building scenery completed and support real-time height, general layout and multiple schemes adjustment.

In the sales of real estate, the traditional method is making sand table model. Sand table models are scaled down according to real estates. Buyers just can look down at the estate project, but cannot feel architectural space and cannot obtain the feeling of walking in it.

Through OneSoft virtual estate display system, users can roam in community and look down at the whole project and surroundings. Besides, the system supplies each value of each house type to help users to obtain more estate project information.

1.Internet Showing and Selecting Function

Each estate project location, environment, scenery, house type and technology are displayed intuitively, specifically and completely on the Internet to realize buyers visiting each floor and house, driving, taking a lift or use furniture in the virtual environment. Customers have real technology and comfort experience, which helps to close order. Meanwhile, virtual reality platform offers online purchase system to realize real-time interaction and online selection. 

2.Sales Office Exhibition Hall Showing and Selecting Function

In the sales office hall, the virtual reality interactive platform established displays the selection screen of each estate, floor, house and surroundings and buyers can observe detailed information quickly and intuitively and select the favorite. 

3.Sales Management Function

On the basis of estate virtual reality display platform, offer inquiry and statistical function for mastering estate sales condition at any time. Besides, it can make information summary of customers who have bought or want to buy. All of these are displayed on the platform in 3D form, which is intuitive and clear for looking up. 

4.Online Decoration Function

On the basis of virtual showing and selecting, add 3D virtual reality decoration service to give unique interaction and experience. Through the simple human-machine operation interface, customers can realize online decoration, select house type, floor and residential estate. Then simulate online decoration according to their favorites. Virtual reality technology realizes human’s dream on mouse and keyboard.

5.Property Management Function

Property management is the most important module of after-sale service for residual estate and it is related with buyer’s life. Therefore, considerate and quick property service will improve after-sale service word-of-mouth of estate enterprise. Customers’ verbal communication is more effective than any advertise. 

Implementation Contents of Virtual Estate Display System

Simulate residual property planning and establish 3D virtual property environment, which can permit buyers roam in online virtual environment and understand the whole scenery, equipment and corresponding introduction. Meanwhile, home buyers can get each house type and floor images intuitively. Real-time interactive information feedback system helps estate developer to understand buyer’s actual requirements and collect customer’s information to promote property sales.

1.Project Introduction

Function Overview:

    Introduce relevant information about the project with rolling text and speech explanation, such as developer’s background, development idea, community planning, architecture features, house type characteristics, traffic condition and surrounding facilities, etc.

Function Demonstration:


2.Project Demonstration

Function Overview:

    Based on the virtual reality interactive display platform, display each scene of the residual community in the virtual environment. The automatic roam function leads home buyers to visit the whole community like a guide. Walking function keeps interaction with customer and they can visit each scene as they like, including each building and each house. Through house types and model house simulations, home buyers can understand the scenes of house structures and can see the conditions after decoration easily, which will promote them to buy.

Function Demonstration:

    1)Automatic Roam

    Roam function is just like a guide. Through the pre-defined routine and viewpoint shift, display the beautiful environment and perfect facilities to make customers immersive.


    In the “Walking Mode”, customers can view the whole estate in a dynamic interactive way. They can observe the estate scenes from in arbitrary angle, distance and elaborate degree. Besides, customers can select different visit modes, such as walking, driving and flying, etc and control routines freely.

    Additional Functions:

    During walking, customers click desirable house directly and enter into its 3D scene. Walk and observe arbitrary corners to understand its structure. Meanwhile, over the balcony and window, customers can also watch scenery outdoor. This is the unreachable of traditional architectural renderings and pre-rendered 3D animations.


    3)House Type Experience

    Demonstration of all house types of the estate: Home buyers roam in the virtual environment, click the desirable house and watch its structure, size and enter its 3D environment.


    4)Model House Experience

    In the virtual environment, home buyers enter different model houses through this function to observe their desirable houses after decoration.


3.Surroundings Demonstration

Function Overview:

Simulate community surroundings, display its good traffic, natural view, living and commercial facilities through virtual reality technology to help buyers to understand community surroundings, promote estate sales and build good estate image.

Function Demonstration:

    1)Surrounding Landscape Experience

    Stand on any one point in the virtual environment, overlook distant landscape as in the scene. Green hill and clear water show a panoramic view. Experience surrounding landscape from the first person viewpoint though the set virtual route.

    2)Surrounding Traffic Experience

    Simulate the main traffic artery and road facilities outside the community and start with the community to help users experience convenient surrounding traffic condition.

    3)Surrounding Commercial Facility Experience

    Display commercial facility to help buyers understand its surrounding favorable shopping conditions and what business area it locates.

    4)Surrounding Living Facilities Experience

    Simulate with 3D environment and embed AVI video and pictures to help customers to understand community surrounding living facilities, such as school, hospital, post office, bank, vegetable market and supermarket, etc.